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My new budget

April 17th, 2006 at 03:31 am

While reviewing my budget yet again, I found a few things to reduce & put into savings. I get paid biweekly & plan my budget that way. Other than my fixed expenses like cell phone, school loans, car insurance, rent & medications, I plan for food, gas, spending money, cat, and savings.

Currently, I've been lax about certain expenses, so I am challanging myself to limit my groceries and spending money to a total 80.00 biweekly. It was previously $110.00. I'll keep you guys updated.

Today I spent an unplanned $6.00 at Wawa for forgotten items my parents required for Easter---mustard for the could they have forgotten that one??

I'm mailing out a $2.00 rebate for some alcohol I bought on Friday...we needed Peach Schnapps for mixed drinks. Who knew that alcohol even had rebates. This is a first for me!

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  1. Amber Says:

    When trying to stick to my food budget in the past, what I did in the past was print out a calendar for the month and note on it each day what I would make for dinner for the entire month. Then when I went grocery shopping I only bought the items necessary for dinner and a few snacks, it worked; I saved so much money & now that I am at home with mom I eat out a lot more just to have a little free time for my self that is getting well is expensive. Good luck

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