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April 26th, 2006 at 03:32 am

Very busy day at work today. Plus I cleaned, did laundry, went to the library & ran some errands all before work. Rented 2 movies from the Library.

Treated myself to lunch today--I love the salad place by my work---I can get tons of veggies, turkey, cheese, egg and pasta in one salad...because of all the ingrediants & what I would waste if I went to the grocery store for all of it...I think the salad's a good deal every once in awhile. I do have regular salad fixings at home for everyday lunches.

I've got some small work obligations--we have to send a sympathy gift to one of our managers & we have a birthday this week, plus a promotion for another manager. I'll be shelling out a few bucks for each. I plan for these type of expenses, so it won't hurt too bad.

Now I just have to get through tomorrow at work with no spending. I have off Thursday for my birthday, my mom & I are going to the movies (her treat) and then Friday is my 'liquid' lunch with my friends. yummy.

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  1. retire@50 Says:

    I meant to post before about books and forgot

    I picked these titles from my bookshelves. I only keep books I'll read several times.

    Shop, Save and Share by Ellie Kay - if you are in to coupons and rebates, this is a good primer.

    Stop Working, Start Living by Dianne Nahirny. How to retire early

    How to Survive without a Salary by Charles Long. How to retire early.

    Organize Your Personal Finances Turn Chaos into Cash by Jean Ross Peterson

    The Wealthy Barber by David Chilton - excellent basic finance book

    Getting a Life by Jacqueline Blix and David Heitmiller. Real life stories of people who implemented the Money or Your Life book steps

    Living Well on a Shoestring by Yankee Magazine. Money saving tips

    Saving Money Any Way You Can by Mike Yorkey. Money saving tips

    The Average Family's Guide to Financial Freedom by Bill Toohey, Mary Toohey. How to retire early

    Obviously my interests are saving money and early retirement. Hope you enjoy some of these

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