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$100 left till next Thursday

April 27th, 2006 at 05:15 am

$100 is no sweat, all my bills are paid for the month, the car is gassed up. I have a big lunch tomorrow which I'm planning on spending about $40.00. I'll pick up a few veggies & stuff for lunches next week (estimated $20)& I'll probably have about $40.00 left to go to school savings.

Things are starting to get tight in terms of income. My work quit offering overtime & they've changed our incentive plan so that the average 1500-2000/mo I received as a top performer is reduced to 200-800/mo. This month, which will appear in my May paycheck, I might get around $300.00 give or take.

I have NEVER budgeted based on my incentive or overtime, but in the time I've been in my department (8 months) I've saved $9000.00 from incentives, paid for a small vacation, bought some much needed bedding and moved. So it was good while it lasted.

Now I REALLY need to buckle down. I've re-evaluated my school savings plan. I miscalculated a little bit on my tuition reimbursement and I definately miscalculated on my books, so I looks like I have to scrounge up more.

My current school savings is $4055.53
My current school goal is $7614.00
My planned savings will bring me to 7485.53 by August, leaving me to find an additional $838.47

I can do it such a short time frame, I just have to buckle down, maybe pick up some extra income...we'll see.

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  1. boomeyers Says:

    You can do it! Our family is in buckle down mode too! Is'nt nice to know we have our thriftiness to fall back on! Good luck!

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