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medical procedures and other good stuff

June 20th, 2006 at 07:42 pm

First, I had a colonoscopy yesterday. (Ima Saver, I really feel you on that junk we had to drink as made me sick to my stomach). They found one polyp and hemmoroids. Nothing too scary.

Now for the REALLY good news!! I had my interview today & they offered me the job within hours of the interview. The pay isn't much different than what I am currently making and there is no oppurtunity for incentive, but the job is more interesting, less stressful and has much more oppurtunity for advancement. I'm really excited that I got the position.

I start July 10th, but will take a few vacation days from my current position to get my background check, fingerprinting and drug test taken care of. Lots to do when applying for a position with a bank. Then I'll put my notice in late next week. Since my current employer has a noncompetative policy, when I announce that I will be working for a direct competitor, they will ask me to leave and give me my two weeks paid. It'll be a mini vacation before starting the 6 week training.

There's lots to do now. I'm really watching my money since I'm not 100% sure yet when my pay days are going to be yet. I also have to move money from my ING account to my checking so when I put my notice in, then I can write them a check for my tuition reimbursement for this year. I have to pay it back under a new policy that began 2006. Even for that short a time, its been beneficial to use the Tuition Reimbursement. It was basically an interest free loan. I took the money that I would have paid to school and earned interest in my ING account instead. Now I will pay it off.

The only downside is that my final two classes will have to be paid directly by me. I'll either have to pay for it out of my house money, or put it on my credit card and pay it off within a few months. I really hate to touch that house money, but we'll see.

I stopped off at the library today & picked up a few movies. I got Jarhead, Tristan + Isolde, Murderball, and Glengarry Glenross. I have yet to see any of them.

I didn't need books as I'm rereading Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series since I should be getting the newest book in the series soon. I ordered it on Amazon. I highly recommend the books, they're very well written and funny.

I would also like to mention that I recently borrowed Murder on the Orient Express from the library. Its a very clever movie based on an Agatha Christie novel. It has a lot of familiar faces and is very well acted. So if you want something different to watch...I definately recommend it.

Well, off to pack dinner for work. I'm going in for a half a day. I took the 'morning' off for my interview. The hardest part about going to work now is just being able to keep my mouth shut until I'm ready to actually give my notice.

2 Responses to “medical procedures and other good stuff”

  1. ima saver Says:

    Aren't you glad it is over, the prep drink is the worse part. Well, I don't have to do if for 2 more years! Good news and good luck on your new job!

  2. boomeyers Says:

    Congrats on the new job! I am so happy for you to get out of that stress crazed place tuition or no tuition!

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