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June 30th, 2006 at 05:52 pm

Since I've been 'unemployed' this week, I've indulged myself with sleeping in, watching movies, reading books, napping and generally being very lazy. I had a followup on my colonoscopy...the good news is that my polyp was not pre-cancerous. So now I'm on meds for my stomach & I don't have to go back to the doctor for a year. Thank goodness!

I've got my 3 month supply for meds to last me between the job change. My new medical coverage will start up in mid July. My original doctors appointment was for next Wed, but when I realized that my current insurance would end today (the 30th), I called and asked them to move my appointment, and they fit me right in yesterday. So I paid a $25.00 coapay instead of a $110.00 appointment fee. Good move!

I'm waiting for my 401k rollover information from my employer. I want to get that started right away. I'm eligible for my 401k with my new employer right away, but company matching doesn't start until 1 year of employment.

My check engine light came on in my car. I have no check oil light, and my oil is very low, so I'm going to fill it up today. Hopefully, thats the reason for the check engine light. Please, Please!

I've been taking advantage of the library a lot recently. I probably sound like an addict, but I recently rediscovered the Library & its a great way to entertain myself for free.

I've been reading recent posts about soda specials. I love both Coke & Pepsi & will only buy soda when its the 4 for $10 special for better (of 12 packs). My grocery store had a special of 5 for $10, so I got 5 & I'll be going back tomorrow. I'd rather stock up now, then pay 4 for $10 again in a month.

Money is tight right now, because I don't want to dip into savings and my first paycheck from the new job won't come until the 30th of July. With my last paycheck from my previous employer, I was able to pay all my expenses for July and leave money for gas, groceries & spending. I just have to be good---no big restaurant bills. So my goal for July is to not dip into my savings. Easier said than done, but I'm going to really try.

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