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Home Buying

July 1st, 2006 at 10:46 am

Since I'm just starting a new job, I'm going to wait until early September to start shopping for a mortgage/start looking for a house. I want to get the new pay periods under my belt first. Since the new job is in the same field as the old, the job change shouldn't hurt me. In the meantime, I'm making some lists.

-Things I have for the house
-Things I want for the house
-Things I will likely 'need' for the house

I have been saving money for the deposit, the closing costs, initial start up (utility deposits, initial grocery & pet expenses), an emergency fund of 3 months, and for initial furniture costs.

I have stuff for the kitchen, dining room, bedroom, but nothing for the living room. I'm going to want a sofa, chair, end tables, coffee table, tv & tv stand.

The way that I"m approaching these wants is to search thrift stores & used furniture places. When I find something I like, I will buy it. If I don't, I will go without until I do find something I like and I can afford it.

My sister recently bought a sofa and love seat from a company that leases furniture for the show homes in new neighborhoods. The furniture is practically brand new, maybe not the nicest patterns, but certainly usable for a few years. I might check that place out.

I also want a new bed, but thats something that isn't immediately necessary. I can put that off for another year or two, so I'm setting up a small savings in the mean time. I have serious sleep problems, so having a good bed is very important to me.

I'm talking to friends and family, trying to get a feel for everything that I'll have to prepare for in buying a new home, but suggestions are already welcome.

My main goal is to not go into credit card debt while buying a new home. I would rather wait before buying new things than put myself into debt.

When I buy my house, I'm probably not going to get cable or internet right away, although I use both regularly, I want to get a handle on the necessity utilities before getting involved in the wanted ones.

If anyone has any suggestions or comments on the things that I need to prepare for when buying my first home, please share!

4 Responses to “Home Buying”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    When i bought my first home, I only had $600 left over to furnish the house. I had to buy a refrigerator and I used the rest of the money for a cheap dining room table and chairs. My mother loaned us 2 twin beds. I had nothing else, and would save and buy things when I could.(2 bedrooms stayed empty for years) You are smart not to want everything until you see how things go.

  2. robex Says:

    We moved from a 2 bedroom, 900 square foot townhouse into our 2000 square foot home and had no living room or dining room furniture for the first 6 months. My Dh made a tunnel out of all the moving boxes and the kids (our 3 and pretty much the rest of the neighbourhood) would play for hours in there! They coloured the inside, had houses and stores, created dead ends and secret tunnels. It was great and I regretted the furniture when we got it...not nearly as much fun.

  3. LuckyRobin Says:

    Ugly furniture can always be covered with slip covers. If someone offers you something, like an ugly couch, take it. But not until after you've moved into the new house. Tell everyone you know what you need, want, or are looking for. They may not have anything to offer, but their best friend's 2nd cousin might be looking to unload a sturdy, functional item of furniture. Find multiple use furniture. For example, find an ottoman with an interior compartment you can store things in. Instead of a coffee table, use an old chest with a small cloth over it. No one has to know its there, but it could keep things out of site, like magazines or that extra case of green beans there is no room for in the kitchen.

    Look into freecycle once you move into your house. If there is one near you it can be a Godsend.

  4. contrary1 Says:

    I don't have furniture yet for some of the rooms at the place we're at now, been here since Oct.

    Didn't want to bring the old stuff...........so just brought the necessities, bedrooms, office etc. Stools for a nifty counter in the kitchen and that was it. We're only a little further on the furniture bit...........having almost outfitted the TV room, sort of a family room affair.

    Until you learn how you will use rooms, it is hard to know what to purchase, IMO.

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