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T minus 5 days

October 15th, 2006 at 11:35 pm

Spent 101.76 on paint & supplies and a cat door. All planned and budgeted, except for the cat door. I'm planning on putting the litter box in the basement and since I don't want to leave the door to the basement open & let all the heat out all winter, I'm installing a cat opening on the door to the basement. Fun stuff Smile

Anyway, I have mortgage paperwork to get to the company tomorrow, and I'm doing some packing. I'm working Tuesday & Wednesday. And then I'm off Thursday to pack & do the final walk through. Friday 9am is the closing. Woo hoo.

I'll be moving the easy stuff on Friday by myself. Friday night my family & friends will come over to see the house. Then on Saturday, my roommates will help me move all my bedroom furniture, and my family will help me unpack.

I'm sure the mortgage company is going to have me running around all week. Otherwise, I'm just REALLY excited!!!

2 Responses to “T minus 5 days”

  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    You should be excited. Buying your first house is so huge and moving into it feels so wonderful, if exhausting. Just make sure you take time to eat right and get enough rest at night, so the move doesn't take a huge physical toll on your strength. I didn't when we moved here and it took me a bit to recover from it. Still, it was fun. Hope its all you hoped for.

  2. LuxLiving Says:

    !!Y.E.S.!! - i'm so excited for you!!! Big Grin

    Listen to LuckyRobin - it doesn't all have to be unpacked the first day or heck even the first week! ...and plan on a few meals from the drive-thru or the pizza delivery. Either that or make sure the crockpot and ingredients for a crockpot meal are out where you can get to them.

    You'll need a special box/spot to put the things you're going to need for night number 1 and 2 - sheets, MEDICATION, makeup and workclothes if you've got to still be hitting the saltmines. Get those outfits together along w/accessories and keep them separate from the other goods.

    I wish you loads of happiness and years of warm memories in your new home!

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