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busy weekend of organizing & cleaning

November 14th, 2006 at 02:03 am

I've spent my off time this week organizing around the house. I sorted through all the glassware & china that I brought from my aunt's house. Most is in the kitchen or displayed in the china cabinet, but I have a big plastic tote of extra glassware in the basement. I might give them to my sister when she gets a new place.

I have 2 totes of halloween stuff-two because some of the things are bulky & I didnt want to sqwoosh anything.

I have 2 totes of Christmas stuff, which includes ornaments, house decorations & more.

I also have another bin of gift/craft stuff, such as paints, cards, tissue paper, ect.

I did a couple of loads of laundry, all on cold water, and I only ran the dryer once. I really like my towels & sheets to go through the dryer, everything else is hung in the basement. I have one drying rack & a makeshift line made of a pipe that the previous owner left.

I still have yet to turn on my heat. Nice!

I had to turn off the hot water heater timer. It kept turning off & then not starting back up when it was supposed to. I had one too many ice cold showers in the morning. I plan on having my handy dad take a look at it.

Also on my to do list: buy & install a programable thermostat.

I am really trying to keep the house neat & organized. I'm not the most tidy person, so I'm making a daily effort in the hopes that it'll become an easy routine.

On the upside, I cashed in some of my points at Mypoints & I received the gift card today!

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