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my mind is not on my work

February 13th, 2007 at 09:07 pm

My mind is not on my work today, its on the weather outside. I came in an hour early today, buts its snowing & sleeting & I decided to leave early today instead of leaving at 7. Delaware is not known for its snow savvy. People panic very easily in bad weather, people with 4 wheel drive speed & people with older cars drive REALLY slow. Unfortunately, neither type steers clear of the other, so there are a lot of accidents. Plus, the salting of the roads isn't the best.

Driving in snow isn't that bad as far as I'm concerned, but we have sleet now & the roads are starting to ice over. So I made my overtime hour a regular one, and I'm using 1.5 hours of personal time and I'll be leaving at 4:30 today. WHEW.

I need to get gas on the way home, but there are no cheap gas stations on the way, so I"m going to fill up 5.00 worth and get some at the better station tomorrow.

Its funny, but most of the talk in the office today has been about the weather and stories of accidents caused by bad weather. I can't wait to get home safe & sound.

I'm going to snuggle under a blanket, eat leftovers and watch Lost Season Two, I'm a little over halfway through the dvds. I'm sucked back into the storylines, so I can't wait for Season 3 (which is still running now) to get onto dvd.

2 Responses to “my mind is not on my work”

  1. living_in_oz Says:

    I feel your pain with this weather. Our's has been awful this winter! Honestly, it's the worst winter I can remember. I had to drive to work on snow and ice AGAIN this morning!

  2. LuckyRobin Says:

    I'm doing the same thing with season 4 of 24. Very involving and keeps me out of the bad weather, though by all means not as bad as your bad weather.

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