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February 17th, 2007 at 12:34 am

I went to the new lowes by my work today. I wanted to check out any grand opening sales/presidents day sales. I picked out a couple of different knobs for the kitchen cabinets. I figured I'd check them out in the kitchen, pick the one I like return the others and then get enough for all my cabinets. Little details to spruce up the kitchen Smile

I also bought a programmible thermostat because I can't even begin to tell the temperature on the really OLD one that the house came with. I think I'm keeping the heat low, but I can't really tell if its at 60 or 70 right now. Really. Its THAT bad.

I also bought some windshield wiper fluid, which I desperately needed given all the salt on the roads right now.

I leave work at 8 tonight & I'm heading about 15 minutes out of my way to the Walmart. I'm picking up most of the groceries. I want to do some stocking up, so I'm using some of my spending money on top of my grocery money. I'll make up the spending money by packing my lunch instead of buying.

I also have been offered more overtime, including Sunday hours. So I work my normal hours tomorrow & I"m contemplating going in from 12-5 on Sunday & 8-5 on Monday (my days off). The sunday hours would offset my cabinet knobs, the thermostat & I could still reward myself with the Harry Potter preorder. We'll see how I feel Smile

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