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pictures and sick day

April 20th, 2007 at 12:07 pm

I went to work yesterday & ended up leaving on a 1/2 day due to being sick. I called off work today too. I'm starting to feel better, so I've been playing around with my crappy free digital camera. After some fiddling, I got it working again. (PS, I should warn you, I'm a little silly due to the cold/flu meds I've taken)

So I took pictures of the abandoned piece of lumber on my property and posted it free on Craigslist. If someone comes & takes it away, it'd be a huge help to me Smile

Then I took a picture of my cat Colbi, cause she's just so darn cute.

Then I took some pictures of my spare room. I put an add up on Craigslist earlier this week, and I wanted to email some photos to the replies.

Since todays a really nice day... the first one in a week or 2, I have all the windows open. And today I found out that I have a nest of HUGE bees. They're not the bumble variety, but the really HUGE ones! I think I see a nest on eave of the 2nd floor. Its something I'm not goign to be able to take care of by myself, safely. So it looks like I'm going to have to hire someone. Plus I think there might be a 2nd nest on the roof. I saw a dozen of those bee things today. Definately needs to be handled soon.

Oh well, I'm going back to work tomorrow, it'll be a slow day since its Saturday & I am feeling better. Then I'll have Sunday off again & if I feel like it, I'll do a little overtime on Monday.

4 Responses to “pictures and sick day”

  1. Elly Says:

    Colbi is a cutie!!!! Smile Smile

  2. moi aussi Says:

    Awww cute kitty!

  3. homebody Says:

    That cat is so cute, it looks fake!

  4. disneysteve Says:

    We get a hornet nest at our place every year, but never in the same place. I usually find it at some point and blast it with Raid then destroy it. Some years, I never find it. One year, on a windy day, one fell out of a tree in the yard. I never would have found that one. Good luck with your bee's nest.

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