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Changes - part time job & roomie

July 18th, 2008 at 02:38 am

I heard back from that shipping company about the part-time job and I have a walk-through scheduled next Thursday. Its basically a package handling job, so they want people to see first hand what the job entails. I've seen a video of the job and its definately doable. Hopefully, I'll be hired.

Also, I heard back from that potential roommate that I interviewed a few weeks ago. He's interested in the room. I feel comfortable with him, but I'm still fighting the selfish feeling of loving having the house all to myself.

So to play around with things, I made a really rough pay-off budget. Basically, it looks like it would be a difference of a little over 6 months (to pay off the student loans) if I had the roomie and part time job vs just the part time job.

So it kinda boils down to - is having a roommate worth being out of debt but the house 6 months earlier? I'm not sure that it is. Unless I knew the roomate prior to living with them or maybe they were a friend of a friend. I'm not sure its worth it for a stranger.

So now I need to make some decisions. Its a definate that I need and want a part time job. Now, I have to make a decision by tomorrow about the roomie.

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  1. Amber Says:

    Good luck on the job, as a far as the possible roommate check your county courthouse records (it's free here) and the sherriff's office website for any arrests. All this info is free where I am, oh check you states prison system also free, here is the link for the federal prison system
    Text is and Link is

  2. MileHighGirl Says:

    I've had roomies pretty much the whole time since I bought my house 4 years ago. Two have been friends and two I found through and I have been happy with all of them. At first I was very weary of living with a stranger but it really made me realize that we are all much more the same than we are different. It helped that I laid out all the house rules up front too.

    Luckily I have a large finished basement with a big living room, bedroom and bathroom so we have our own floors that we can retreat to for privacy. I think sharing two side by side bedrooms might make me feel like I was back in college a bit.

    It's great having an extra check to deposit on the 1st, and time flies by as the money accumulates and you'll be debt free that much sooner.

    I have a month-to-month lease for my roomies that way if either one of us isn't happy it's easy to get out of the situation.

  3. honeichild Says:

    I've had roommates in the past and its always been a wonderful experience. I agree with doing a background/criminal check on the person since they are a complete stranger. But if it's a way to save money and you are comfortable with it, I say go for it.

  4. boomeyers Says:

    That is a tough decision. Good luck!

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