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Big and small gifts!

July 29th, 2008 at 02:48 am

Today my Dad stopped by and helped me detach the stopper in my bathtub so that I could clean the drain. I had been trying to get the thing out for 2 weeks. It was stripped.

He was able to get it done in about 5 minutes with the right tool. He gifted me his time and the tool for future use. I went to Lowes later and boought a new stopper. Man its nice to have a clean tub again Smile

Later in the day, I went over to my parents house with a movie. We had lunch, talked and watched the movie.

During lunch, my Mom let me know that she's gifting my sister and I each $5,000.00 from her inheritance from my Aunt's estate. I tried not to accept. But my sister could REALLY use the money due to getting into some credit card debt and because of some medical issues my nephew is having. And I don't think they (my parents) feel its fair to gift her and not me.

At least my sister has already said all the funds will be going to pay off her biggest card. Which will ease up payments and help her snowball towards the rest of the debt.

My Mom asked that I use some of the funds for a mini vacation and some clothes. I think she feels like I don't do things for myself so much anymore. I will do as she asks with some of the funds for those reasons and then I plan on putting the rest of the money to good use.

I will say that I was already setting up a new clothes budget. With my weight loss, I need a new clothes. I've dropped 4 or 5 sizes in the last year. I've bought enough clothes to get through the summer, but now I'm at the point I need to pretty much completely redo my wardrobe. Underclothes all the way to sweaters. So I'll set the funds aside until I hit my goal weight. And then I'll work slowly, but build up a really good wardrobe.

I have less than $1800.00 on student loan #1, which I will pay off. I plan on using $400.00 towards a vacation fund. $400.00 towards new clothes. $400.00 to home repairs that I've been putting off. And the remaining amount will be going towards Student Loan #2.

Once Loan #1 is paid off, I'll have $200.00 going to Loan #2. Plus the normal payment for Loan #2. Plus the income from my likely 2nd job, which I have the interview for this Thursday. I could have the second loan paid off by August 2009. AND thats without getting a roommate.

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