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Electric Bill Went Up and Odds N Ends

July 29th, 2008 at 09:22 pm

Booo! The electric bill went up. $94.97! Still under budget, but I'm not too happy with the amount. I got the amount online, but I'm waiting for my paper statement to see what the usage was. With the rates going up, its hard to tell if that bill is really all that out of line.

I've been home all day with a migrane. So its been a no spender. All the things on my to do list went out the window. Oh well.

Today, I've set the AC at 78, but it hasn't kicked on in hours. I've kept the window shades drawn and thats helped. I am utilizing a fan in the living room. A bit before going to bed, I'll lower the temp a little more and use my bedroom fan to keep things cool.

I get paid tomorrow and I've worked out a zero based budget for this pay period. My goals are to stay within the budgeted amounts for entertainment spending ($39.75), groceries ($50.00), gas ($60.00) and cat expenses ($31). I'll hold myself accountable here because I really need to get back on track with this kind of spending.

I've also premade food for work tomorrow. Cheerios and milk for breakfast. Salad with chicken for lunch. Popcorn as a snack. I've made a tentative meal plan for the rest of the week.

Wednesday Dinner: Chicken and baked fries
Thursday Lunch: Meatloaf muffin and pasta salad
Thursday Dinner: Sloppy joe over pasta
Friday Lunch: Salad with chicken
Friday Dinner: Turkey BLT

2 Responses to “Electric Bill Went Up and Odds N Ends”

  1. mjrube94 Says:


    I've been catching up on some old entries in your blog. You mentioned that you had to put down a hefty deposit with the electric company when you bought your house, because you never had any utilities in your name before that. Did you ever get that back, or did they credit your account? Now that you've been in the house for more than a year, and paying on time, they ought to credit you or reduce it.

    Your posts have reminded me of all the things I need to be doing. Thanks!

  2. HouseHopeful Says:

    I was able to request the deposit back 366 days after I gave it to them Smile They credited my account and then I requested a check. They tried to talk me into leaving it into the account to put towards future bills. But I told them they held my money hostage for a year and I wasn't lending it to them for another 3 months til it got used upSmile

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