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Yard Sailing and Baseball

May 16th, 2009 at 01:32 pm

My mom talked me into going to yard sales today. There was a crazy amount of neighborhood wide ones and she really wanted to go. I, however, did not. But I figured it would be ok to get some Mom time in.

We spent about 4 hours driving around. Mom ended up treating me to several things. She refused to take any money or let me pay, so finally I gave up. I scored 2 small matching entry rugs to go in front of my sliding glass doors and in the entryway for $2.00. I got a clear plastic veggie tray for $0.50. That was something that I was actually looking for Smile

But the big score was a small eliptical machine. My mom treated as part of a belated birthday present. $20.00 for a machine in great condition. The owner had all the paperwork, manuals, bolt tighteners and was able to give a tip on the batteries running out easily, so taking them out between use helps. She obviously cared for the machine well and it appears to be in very, very good condition.

When I got it home, I went online to see product reviews. It appears to sell brand new for $449.00. It was a really, really great deal! I'm very happy.

After the yard sales, we went to my nephew's baseball game. They are so cute at that age (7-8 year olds)

So today was a no spender for me, but I came home with some great stuff!

I may or may not hang out with friends tonight, but I have plenty of entertainment options either way Smile

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