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Frugal Exercise!

June 9th, 2009 at 02:37 pm

My favorite choice of exercise is walking. However, its been raining 5 out of 7 days for the past few weeks.

So I've turned to my trusy $20.00 elliptical - best bargain I've EVER gotten!

I'm able to burn about 400 calories (using my heart rate monitor bought on sale) for 30 minutes of exercise and I can watch tv while doing it Smile

I also utilize library workout dvds, swap workout dvds from friends and use Comcast's On Demand Exercise tv.

I also use weighted bands for my wrists and ankles to up the workout. My sister gave me them for my birthday last year & boy were they a great gift!

But like I said, the best thing I do is walking. I utilize different local parks, neighborhoods around mine and even the local university campus.

I recently went walking at a park that is next to water on one side and a protected marsh on the other side.

The different scenery is what I enjoy most about the walking.

Since my home-based workouts can get a little repetitive and boring, I'm always looking for new ideas.

I have a few items on my wish list and am keeping an eye out for good deals:

Weighted jump rope
Weighted hula hoop - how fun is that one?

3 Responses to “Frugal Exercise!”

  1. whitestripe Says:

    hula hoops are apparently really good for you exercise wise! i saw it on a current affairs program, they were talking about how to shift mid-section weight.
    i like to walk too, but haven't for ages. i am trying to get myself motivated to do it again. I used to do a lovely walk which was a round track, half on a path and half on the beach, it took me about 35 minutes. otherwise i am like you and do exercise dvd's, or i have an exercise bike (that we haven't moved upstairs yet since we moved)

  2. lizajane Says:

    Walking is my exercise of choice too, even if sometimes it's just the same path. There is always something different to see - animals, plants, cars, people, whatever. It's never the same twice if you pay attention to the details. Nice pictures, by the way! Looks like a very calming walk.

  3. shiela Says:

    Lovely photos...thanks for sharing.

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