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Not So Frugal Today & random updates

September 23rd, 2010 at 03:06 pm

Well, I did not pack any food today (Failing my lunch challange for this pay period). So I had breakfast in the work cafe and will grab a sub from subway. I WILL be packing again tomorrow.

In other news; I got a $50 bonus from ING for opening a checking account with them.

I received a $10 gift card to Old Navy & another is on its way to me. I took advantage of a 3 times the points promotion!

Last night I returned a cable box from my bedroom, which will save me approximately $9 a month. I got 2 of the digital converters (Free).

Yesterday, I switch my homeowners insurance. The company I was originally with wanted $449.00 for the year. The new company is $480, but is the same company as my car insurance, so I will save 10% on the car insurance - savings of about $140 yearly. And I get better coverage with the new company.

I am still waiting to downgrade my gym membership. I will do that next week. Savings of about $10/month.

So - lots going on. This weekend, I am supposed to go to a Wine Tasting Festival at several wineries. The ticket for 2 days is $30. There are 10 wineries. There will be live music, beautiful scenery & some food.

The friends I am going with have done this before. Apparently they pack some food & each buys wine at a couple of the wineries and at the end, we sit at a picnic table & finish off all wine & have a picnic.

Lucky me can't drink. So I am going to be designated driver. I will not have to buy the pass $30 savings. I WILL bring food $approx $25 and I probably won't be buying any wine. So at least this way it will be more frugal! Smile

Maybe I will be able to drink the 2nd Saturday of the festival.

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  1. Homebody Says:

    You are on a roll!

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