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Lazy Sunday by Necessity

September 26th, 2010 at 04:07 pm

Well, today is a cooler, rainy day & makes it perfect for lying around. Thank goodness, because I need it. I have done something to my leg or am having something going on because my leg is all swollen. I plan on going to the doctor tomorrow, but today, I will be putting my leg up.

This week is going to be very hectic for me. Monday, I hope to get to the doctors. Tuesday & Wednesday - I am watching my nephew after school. Wednesday night, I have a homeowners association meeting and Thursday will just have to be a night of rest Smile

Yesterday, I went on a wine tasting tour. Its a really good deal $30.00 for tastings at 10 wineries over 2 weekends. A single tasting is around $7.00, so the deal is good. I did not pay for the pass today, as I was designated driver. I did pay for gas, brought food to picnic with and bought a bottle of wine to take home for a later date.

Today, I already returned some yard equipment to my parents, picked up a book & some Halloween decorations that my mom got me & dropped off some stuff my friend left in my car yesterday.

My goals today are to:

1. Sit down as much as possible (this is REALLY hard for me)
2. Create a meal plan for the week
3. Finalize a budget for October 1st
4. Make dinner & food for tomorrow
5. RELAX. I hate that I need to tell myself that

And here a few pics from the wineries!

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