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PayDay Woohoo!

December 15th, 2010 at 05:42 pm

Today is payday. I spent $8.10 on lunch - losing my lunch challenge, but oh well Smile I went to the doctor ($20 copay) and then out to dinner with a friend, and she treated. I will reciprocate next week. I spent $1.00 for parking.

I am now home, snuggled under an afghan and enjoying the cats & the Christmas tree and paying bills and transferring funds to my various savings accounts including the efund.

I upped my grocery budget this pay period because I need a lot of staples. $106.50 cash/gift cards into the envelope.

I started with $72 for the entertainment budget & am already down to $62.90. I am looking to put some stuff up on Craigslist & add to my entertainment budget because I have a lot of social obligations (or social wants) in the rest of the month.

Tomorrow is our work holiday lunch - so YAY FREE FOOD! We also have a work holiday happy hour after work. I'm debating about going because it means spending money. BUT it would also mean schmoozing, which is always good for the career. I will figure it out Smile

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