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Getting things DONE! - ETA DONE for the night! :)

September 10th, 2012 at 02:15 pm

Today's to-do list is long, but I slept in until 8:30 and have alreay accomplished a lot. I will be updating as the day goes on (and I take some breaks!)

-Make breakfast [DONE]
-Follow up with HOA reimbursement (STILL waiting on $389 [DONE - STILL WAITING Frown ]
-f/u with inbox, cashcrate, bing, mypoints, swagbucks
-Call Resale shop for leather coat, broken mower, extra bedding. If I can get some cash for it great, if not - bedding & coat can go to goodwill. Neither has had much interest on Craigslist
-Clean kitchen including washing floor - [DONE]
-Clean out fridge [DONE]
-Organize pantry [DONE]
-Take inventory of pantry, freezer & fridge [DONE]
-Oil kitchen table & chairs [DONE]
-repot kitchen plants - Pended
-clean, dust & vacuum living room [DONE]
-vacuum couches (cat fur)- [DONE]
-vacuum stairs/upstairs hall, wipe baseboards [DONE]
-vacuum basement stairs/floor [DONE]
-clean cat area [DONE]
-pull weeds front & back yards [DONE]
-wipe down door, windows out front [DONE]
-change bulbs in upstairs bathroom [DONE]
-clean upstairs bath [DONE]
-wash bathroom rugs - pended (just vacuumed)
-wipe baseboards in bathroom [DONE]
-mop bathroom floor [DONE]
-clean bedroom [DONE]
-change sheets [DONE]
-take a nap [DONE]
-clean closet [DONE]
-laundry [DONE]
-dust & vacuum bedroom [DONE]
-wipe windows & blinds in bedroom [DONE]
-clean car out - pended
-put Goodwill stuff in car [DONE]
-Take 3 40 lb bags of cat litter from car to basement [DONE]
-organize makeup [DONE]
-organize jewelry [DONE]

I got through quite a bit - no idea where the energy came from (I think it was mostly willpower!). I am done the to-dos for tonight (other than my online money-making activites while I watch a movie! The last 2 things I will do:

-Shower to clean all the grub off [DONE]
-watch a free movie from Amazon on my roku Smile [ABOUT TO START]

1 Responses to “Getting things DONE! - ETA DONE for the night! :) ”

  1. Looking Forward Says:

    You ARE getting a lot done! Nice going! Don't over do it on that foot! Smile

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