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Lots of to-dos

September 10th, 2012 at 01:23 am

Hello all - been reading everyone's posts & staying updated Smile

I am working at trying to get on a cash only budget, but medical bills are still coming in & its been a juggle. 2012 has not been my best year.

Tomorrow, I have taken the day off and I plan on getting quite a few things on my to-do list taken care of.

Tonight I am working on:
-Clearing out my email [DONE]
-working on earning Inbox Dollars (less than $5 from cashing out).[In Process]
-Swagbucks [DONE]
-Bing [DONE]
-Cashcrate [DONE]
-Viewing my credit bureau (for free of course)[DONE]
-Sending pictures of my aun't furniture to a resale shop via email [DONE]
-updating a few items on Craigslist [DONE]
-paying my water bill (one of the few things I have to mail a check with (cause I refuse to pay to do it over the phone)[DONE]
-Filling out a $25 reimbursement rebate (and prepped to mail tomorrow)[DONE]
-Christmas budget - I am almost at my goal! [DONE]
-Paycheck budget for 9/15 [DONE]
-Grocery List & Meal pln for the week [DONE]
-Turn off a/c & open windows for fresh air & lower electric [DONE]
-Gather laundry to start first thing in the morning

Tomorrow's goals are:
-Follow up with HOA reimbursement (STILL waiting on $389
-f/u with inbox, cashcrate, bing, mypoints, swagbucks
-Call Resale shop for leather coat, broken mower, extra bedding. If I can get some cash for it great, if not - bedding & coat can go to goodwill. Neither has had much interest on Craigslist
-Clean kitchen including washing floor
-Organize pantry, take inventory of pantry, freezer & fridge
-Oil kitchen table & chairs
-repot kitchen plants
-clean, dust & vacuum living room
-vacuum couches (cat fur)
-vacuum stairs/upstairs hall, wipe baseboards
-vacuum basement stairs/floor
-clean cat area
-wash basement floor
-pull weeds front & back yards
-wipe down door, windows out front
-change bulbs in upstairs bathroom
-clean upstairs bath
-wash bathroom rugs
-wipe baseboards
-mop bathroom floor
-clean bedroom
-change sheets
-clean closet
-dust & vacuum bedrooms
-wipe windows & blinds in bedrom
-clean car out
-put Goodwill stuff in car

LOTS of to-do's, but I think its definitely managable! At least 80% and I hope for a nap in there somewhere Smile

3 Responses to “Lots of to-dos”

  1. wowitsawonderfullife Says:

    My goodness, I'm tired just reading the list! If you get dragged down by the number of things to do, try writing them down - one on each slip of paper. Then put them in a bowl and pick out one at a time. Once you get the item done you can trash the piece of paper. It works for me when I'm overwhelmed.

  2. North Georgia Gal Says:

    Sounds like you are going to busy! Good Luck getting it all done.

  3. Househopeful Says:

    Thanks guys! Actually - I think most will get accomplished Smile I am looking at I have the whole day & night to do these things & I can still have some downtime (i.e. a nap in the afternoon!) hehe

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