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Busy & Frugal Day!

March 17th, 2015 at 12:55 am

Finally feeling better all around. Morning sickness has abated and the NASTY sinus and bronchial infection I had last week is finally gone.

Today, I had energy. So after work, I ran some errands.

-Stopped home (5 mins from work) and picked up a box to return to Amazon
-Stopped at dollar store to buy packing tape for the package
-Returned the package to UPS. I am returning a pillow to help with the acid reflux I have been getting. I didn't like it, so returned it to Amazon. I am getting a refund of $22.xx
-Returned a staple gun to Lowes - $12.98 back. I also picked up paint swatches for the baby's room.
-Stopped at Target for my free baby registry gift. They were out, so I will have to go back.
-Returned griddle to Bed Bath & Beyond. It was a gift, so got $49.99 in store credit.
-Cashed in change jar at a coin star. I used the option because there is no charge and I buy some grocery/household items there routinely. I will use that and take the funds out of the grocery budget to be able to put cash into the Gifts Fund. $58.20
-Met up a Facebook sale of a board game. Made $5.00
-Thought about getting take-out, but skipped it. Hubs had leftovers at home & I made a salad.
-Packed food for work tomorrow
-We received a free Baby Box from Amazon. It had a bunch of goodies!
- Gerber Life Cereal
- Gerber Good Start
- Playtex bottle
- breastfeeding pads
- Samples of burts bees lotion and creams
- shampoo/conditioner samples
- Aquafor sample
- a binky
- Gerber Organic Fruit/Veggie
- water wipes
- baby lotion sample

Yay for frugal & for Freebies!

We are taking a labor/delivery first time parents class $140 and a Happy Baby class (soothing, sleep training ect) $65. I been paying us back the $205 little by little. $75 from baby savings, $12.98 from the Lowes, etc. So I am happy with the returns!

The BB&B return of $49.99 will actually go towards another place setting. We have 9 sets from the wedding and I want to get to an even 10. With coupons, that amount will definitely cover the purchase!

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