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Debt Repayment & Today's 5 Things

May 14th, 2015 at 04:46 pm

Last Credit Card Payoff is going well.

Once I paid off the card in front of it in my snowball, I put $1252.08 to the card in March, $2131.37 to it in April and $909.84 so far in May.

Tomorrow is pay day and I am putting $726 towards it (already included in the May #).

I am also putting $313.04 towards the new glider/ottoman.

Yesterday, I took the dog to the vet. Turns out he has an ear infection, which required tests plus meds and he got some vaccinations. $313 out of pocket.

Minor setbacks, but we are still going strong!

Today's 5 Things:
Call Dr [DONE]
Redo budget with new pay [DONE]
Update Payoff plan[DONE]
Set up card payments [DONE]
Sit on the deck with the dog and enjoy the weather [DONE]
Make dinner at home [DONE]
Bed early (will do)

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