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House Purchase & Renting

June 1st, 2016 at 03:03 pm

In addition to purchasing a new (bigger) home with my husband, we are renting out our little 2 room 1.5 bath townhouse.

We are utilizing a Property Management company, which is worth it to us because the fee to have them do the work is very fairly priced given the headaches renting can cause.

Lately, I have been working 20 hours of OT per week (OT is unlimited currently and I can work it from my couch & in my pjs). We have been purging some stuff here & there and doing some things to make the house 'pretty' for rental.

This weekend, my folks took the baby for 3.5 hours and we were able to get 1/2 the basement cleared, windowsills and passthroughs the bathrooms scoured, etc.

We are working to fix little annoying things as well - a broken burner on the stove (waiting for a part), patching a small hole made from a broken doorstop letting a door knob hit the wall, did yard work and generally worked to get it looking spiffy.

I actually enjoyed the painting though!

So far, we have spent very little for these things, which is good as we are being pretend cash poor right now to save as much as possible.

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