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2017 Financial Goals Final Update

January 1st, 2018 at 05:15 pm

1. Get Renter Out – COMPLETED – Had to go through full eviction process. No recouped rent obtained
2. Sell Townhouse – COMPLETED 11/29/2017
3. Cash only gifts/holidays/Christmas. I include all birthdays, holidays, cards, Christmas, Thanksgiving groceries, my daughter's birthday party in this category, so it seems big. I need to add $1249 to this fund in 2017 – COMPLETED within budget
4. Pay off small debt at 0% before it runs out in 2018 $3481.09. Part is medical expenses that I am hoping to just cashflow paying the card for instead of using funds from my HSA. But we will see. – PARTIALLY COMPLETED – moved to another 0% card some balance due to financial changes through year
5. Keep up OT to pay Rental Townhouse Mortgage so we don't have to utilize any further savings – COMPLETED until Sale process
6. Add to Emergency Fund by $5000. Stretch goal is $8000. This would be significantly dependent on goals 1 and 2. – COMPLETED AND EXCEEDED $17k saved
7. No new debt [FAIL – small amount]
8. Continue FB sales of household and baby items. - COMPLETED
9. Continue 16% of salary to 401k - COMPLETED
10. Continue contributing to Childcare FSA for $1666.67 contribution from employer (Automatically set up already). - COMPLETED

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