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2018 Financial Goals and Vicarious Financial Position

January 1st, 2018 at 05:42 pm

My husband’s job is very stable. However, my work announced in 2017 that our work site will be closing in 2018. 400+ people at our work site. Many have already been given their severance and left. Several groups are still in the office. My team specifically is training a group to take over our work in another site, but the training is not going quickly. Upper management has no real idea what we do, so there is a very good chance that they will end our group before the other group has the required knowledge). So that should be interesting.

Of the people on the team in our state (8 plus our manager), 2 were given 120 day notice in November. They were the low performers. We have been ‘promised’ 90 day notice plus severance of 2 weeks per year employed. Which would be 8 weeks for me.

I have been applying without any luck. Part of it may be the last quarter of the year usually has businesses in my industry in hiring freezes and partly that there are a LOT of people in my field looking for jobs at once in a small area.

My position on the team has special knowledge and I am a Senior (assistant manager), so my position will likely not be eliminated until almost the end (HOPEFULLY). I am looking and have been doing insane amounts of overtime while I can.

This crush of OT + stress of losing my job has led to health problems, stress and all kinds of not fun things. I have to limit the OT for mental and physical health reasons in 2018.

The result of my losing my job is that I was in very specific industry sweet spot where I had responsibilities of a salaried person, but because of a job classification, was deemed hourly and given unlimited overtime.

My salary was also high and overpriced for the area.
Therefore, we are expecting a significant income loss. I will lose 20-30k in OT income plus I will likely lose around 10k in salary income. This is a horrible hit for us. We will persevere though!

That being said, my goals for 2018 are very fluid, financially.

• I have a goal of an average 15-20 OT hours per 2 week pay period while at the current job
• Continue monthly networking events
• Revamp household budget
• Meal plan weekly in an attempt to lower all household expenses.
• Continue tracking all personal and household spending
• Complete cash only gifts/holiday spending in 2018
• Find a new job
• No new debt
• Payoff existing debt
• Post here weekly at least. Helps for accountability
• Continue 16% 401k contribution personally until new job/budget reset

3 Responses to “2018 Financial Goals and Vicarious Financial Position”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Sorry about the impending job loss! Wishing you good health in the new year.

  2. frugaltexan75 Says:

    That is too bad about the job, the silver lining is that you know ahead of time and so can prepare?

  3. snafu Says:

    Surprised and sorry to learn your office is closing. Do you have benefit of a placement agency? Looking at the positive side, your skill sets and experience should move you to a choice position. You are doing a terrific job of managing this difficult process. Sending best vibes for best possible outcome

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