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Job Search - resume, interviewing and using transition benefits!

March 2nd, 2018 at 02:06 pm

May 24th is coming up soon. That will be my last work date. I will get a paycheck on Friday 6/8 that includes 4 working days (5/21-5/24) and any unpaid time off earned (I have 6 rolled over days and by 5/24, I will have another 12.5).

The severance will be 10 weeks of pay, minus a higher tax rate at both federal and state levels. This will come on a regular pay period date at least 30 days from when I get some paperwork back to them after 5/24. so I might get the check on MAYBE 7/6 or 7/20.

In the mean time, I have had my resume out there. The job market in my state is very much a microcosm. There are many employers, but they all are in some state of transition. There are hundreds of people looking for jobs in my particular industry right now.

So any job gets a TON of applicants. I have had 1 interview (via a reference from a friend) but the position and I were not right for each other. Still - it was a good learning experience and great practice.

My employer gave us access to a career transition company with options. I chose a 3 month option that lets me call & talk to people, take classes, get my resume gone over, etc. I also have access to a much stronger job posting group. At the end of the 3 months, I still get lifetime access to that group and its a really good deal!

I know I have to be proactive. I am looking outside the box for jobs, been networking, etc. My husband was saying I have made this my 3rd job. In some ways, he's right!

2 weeks ago, I sent them my resume, got feedback, revised & submitted again. Once I revised a 2nd time and uploaded to job search sites, I started seeing MUCH better matches.

I attended a Personal Branding seminar (webinar) last week that was very informative.

This week alone, I have spent HOURs working on the job search/prep. Many of the hours have been paid time as well, which is a benefit in itself. This is the only week where they will hold on site seminars in our building, but it is awesome they did it for us.

Monday - I went to a 3.5 hour local Chapter event of a professional group I belong to. I know many people on the board and I networked my behind off. I would say this was the largest event they had and at least 65% of the room were people looking for jobs. However, it doesn't hurt to keep your face out there, which is what I did. The event also came with free dinner (and they encouraged taking leftovers home).

I also started an online webinar (on my own time) for Six Sigma training - this would be good for my resume. I'm going to keep going on that one this weekend.

Tuesday - My office hosted the Career Transition Company hosted a 2 hour Resume Writing Class (during paid time). I also did a Webinar regarding Networking with LinkedIn (1 hour and per company policy, on their time)

Wednesday - I had the 2nd of 3 in office Trainings - Interview Skills and did a 1 hour Webinar for online networking

Thursday - the 3rd of the 3 in office trainings was - Networking and did a 1 hour Webinar for connecting to jobs via their site.

Today I am going to work on a few action items from the classes, but no more trainings, etc. today. I need a mental break.

I also have a pre-interview call set up with a potential employer on Monday, so this weekend, my goal is to research the company and gather any info on the position as well as put together some info about myself to really align why I and my skills are a good fit.

We know we can't plan when we get job offers, but it would always be ideal to be able to work until 5/24, get severance, and start a new job a week or 2 later. The chances of it happening like that are not as likely.

That being said, at this point, because the salaries in our industry were inflated for a while and because I will go back to a salary position without OT eligibility (I had a special circumstance at my employer), we will be taking an income hit. I hope to not just take a job with a low salary just to take it. I hope to use the time I have left in my current position and my severance (if I have to) to find something in the salary range that we are comfortable with.

5 Responses to “Job Search - resume, interviewing and using transition benefits!”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    It sounds like you are very proactive. I hope you find a marvelous job and don't have to settle. Fingers crossed.

  2. snafu Says:

    I'm so impressed with your positive attitude and proactive activities. You're doing a great job of making your job search 'a job' as DH says. I wonder if the career transitioning service offers any of the questionaries that explores other careers/professions that aligns with your skill sets. Does your current HR run any information sessions on rules and requirements of Unemployment benefits? Those are not transparent nor straight forward and too easily denied when needed most.

    Sending most positive vibes, I'm confident you'll move forward meeting with success

  3. Amber Says:

    Sounds like you are being proactive and that's great.

    I'm in HR and I'll share some tips for you, have at least two resumes, cater your resume to the types of jobs you're looking for, using the key or common phrases of the jobs you're applying to. Make sure you list some key accomplishments, highlighting stats, for example; reduced turnover by 50% implementing XYZ. Have a Skype account set up and know how to use it. Lastly, practice your interviews by videotaping yourself answering interview questions. Play it back and make note of your posture, eye contact, responses etc. oops and if you're applying for jobs outside of your area, and you're willing to drive, remove your address

  4. creditcardfree Says:

    I know your efforts in locating a job will pay off. Ignore that so many people are looking or that employers are in transition. Believe in your ability to get a job despite that.

  5. househopeful Says:

    Thanks everyone!
    rob - definitely not looking to settle! I appreciate the well wishes

    Snafu - the HR dept will not answer any UE benefits questions - we have to go to them for any info. I am doing my homework though!

    Amber - thanks for the tips - I have a few different versions of the resume and cater any submission to the ob description. I appreciate the tips - the highlighting stats is something I worked on this week. BIG help.

    CCF - I am lucky that I have some stand out skills that will help me in the process. I just have to remain focused on me, like you said - not on the others also searching.

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